Dream Girl Shinee Concept Story (based on MV setting)

Disclaimer : I’m just trying to analyze the whole concept story from lyric and also the MV setting. It based on my own opinion, so it can be not fit with the real meaning. So, enjoy.
3rd Album: Dream Girl –Source
This song itself, tell us about how they meet their dream girl that only appear on their dreams, and disappear on reality. To deliver the story, the MV has 5 settings with each different duty:
A. Trapezoidal black room with white lamps

B. Pink and baby blue rooms with the big frame that keep the dream girl inside
Dream Girl –Source
C. Baby green room with bed and alarm clock
D. Hexagonal room with black and white stripes, windows, and trampoline
E. Trapezoidal baby green room with windows and wall lamps
What I get from those settings:
1. Main Stage
All trapezoidal rooms are their place to dance and sing > room A and E. Another room is where the story take place.
2. Reality
Black and white room indicates their reality > room D.
  “회색   세상에  입술만 붉게 빛나
In this gray world, only your red lips shine”
3. Dream
On the contrary, the colorful room symbolized their dream > room B. They just dream about this girl, that’s why the room only contain one thing. A big frame, with dream girl inside.
“지금  눈엔 너무 완벽한  모습만 보이는 
I only see the perfect you in my eyes”
“머리부터 발끝까지 그댄 One and only girl
From your head to your toes, you’re the one and only girl “
4. Transition
And I guess the room C is the transition between both, where they don’t sleep nor really wake up. The alarm clock is the symbol of the transition. When the clock start ringing, the girl disappear.
“밤이면 내게 다가와 아침이 되면 사라져
You come to me at night but disappear in the morning”

What happen when they fell into the dream :

Onew Version

The transition is the window. Onew consciously went to his dream by window, with his own eagerness, although arrived in the dream in sleeping condition.

Jonghyun Version and
Taemin Version
Both Jonghyun and Taemin version use trampoline as the transition. Without any resistance, they were pulled by trampoline then wake up later on the dream.
This is what happen when reality ask them to come back :

 Key Version
Key in reality use speaker to wake up Key in dream. The transition is speaker that sounds like alarm clock in his dream.

Minho Version
Minho in reality use a red thread to take Minho in dream come back to his real life. Both Key and Minho seems not really want to back. Their dream is more colorful than the reality itself.
I don’t want to wake up. –Source
The last, I figured out that they started the MV in a black room then ended it in colorful one. 🙂 That’s all. Please leave a comment if you have another idea about this MV concept. To see the MV, video with hangul+romanization+eng sub, and lyric please kindly click the link. Thank you.

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