Public Transportation Chasing

After watched a movie that has a ‘airport check-in chasing’ scene, I’m inspired to write my stories in that matter. It’s full of my negligence, yet so dramatic. Haha.
1. Train from Jogjakarta to Jakarta. I left from a friend’s house that located about 3,2 km from the Tugu Station 5 minutes before the train departed. I went there by a motorcycle. When I arrived, the train’s door already closed. I knocked the door in a hurry, fortunately someone opened it for me. When I reached my seat and sat, a second later the train were departing. I feel so blessed at that time. 😀 
3.2 km. 5 minutes.
2. Electric train (KRL) from Depok to Jakarta. So, the train arrived at the station while I still queued for my ticket. The train usually just stop by for approximately 3 minutes. In such a hurry after I got my ticket I ran to opposite railway where my train stopped. My sandal came off on the way, I took it with my hand, ran again with one sandal still on my foot and the other on my hand. Then I reached the closest door on the right time before the train departed. In actual condition the distance between the locket to the train is not that far, but in that condition just think the distance feels like three times farther.
Just from that side to this side. –Source
3. Train from Jakarta to Semarang. I’m not clearly remember the timing. But that day is a presentation or the day to collect the tasks, so I should stay in campus until afternoon. And I should back home in that afternoon too. I went to the Senen Station by electric train from Depok. When I reached Cikini Station (the nearest station to Senen) I should pick the next transportation. Usually I took bajaj or bus. But I have limited time, suddenly somehow I took an ojek. I was arriving on the right time again. Thanks God I choose ojek over bajaj that day, if not this story will have different end.
4.4 km. Limited time. Choose Ojek instead of Bajaj.
4. Train from Madiun to Jakarta. From my aunt’s home, I went to the Madiun Station with my uncle’s friend. It’s 6 of them plus me, so we’re all seven persons. Usually we can go to the station by pedicabs. But that day the rain were pouring heavily. So, that’s so difficult to found pedicabs or even taxi. The story began when 2 of uncle’s friend got a transportation and reached the station first. 5 of us still left behind, yet the departure time was come. They talked with the machinist, head of the station, etc and spin out time until we arrived. I didn’t really know what they said to the station employee, but the train departed once we’ve already sat. Unfortunately, it reached Jakarta very late from the usual time. *the rumor that was because of us* We’re sorry all passengers..
3.4 km
5. Yellow bus in my campus. For me this bus always come and go at it’s pleasure. Actually there’s a schedule, but I’ve never really paid attention *my fault*. So everytime it comes to the bus stop and I plan to take it somewhere, wherever I am at that time, when I can see the bus I always run to get it, so I don’t have to wait for the next. This chasing sometimes end up successfully, sometimes not. But I always enjoy it. It really pushes me to do my best and make a big laugh at the end. I even think that someone should make a short movie about this bus and all the bus chasers. Hehe
Chasing the yellow bus –Source
I miss those days.. ~.~ In Bali, there’s not much public transportation. Even if we want to take it, we should wait it for awhile until infinity time.. Haha.. So, public transportation chasing is definitely not in this island’s dictionary.

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