Early June

I moved to the new office last Saturday. Tomorrow it will be a week. So far, life goes lighter and brighter. There’re some departments on this office, so I get some new friends also. I belong to Studio Department, there’re 5 member on this team. Our jobs are to expand the concept from the owner’s idea; making the working drawing; choose the best material to use; solve the technical problem that appears on site; site visit to give the instructions to the contractor; correspondence with the client, architect, and contractor. So far, I love those all.. 🙂
The nice thing I found about this bureau, they usually draw the working drawing so detail. They draw wall texture, artwork (it’s included Buddha statue, antique jewelry in frame, wooden carving, and many interior details that you usually look in real life), plants, texture on raw wood finished, some shadow on furniture, and also furniture detail, such as wood connection, sofa layers, and many more. It looks so nice when come to hard-copy and I’m so eager to learn it all. I don’t want to be a professional draftsman, but I think it will be very nice if I know all the details that way.
Beside Studio Department, there’re also Procurement Dept., Gallery Dept., and Administration. FYI, this is also a three stories office just like my previous office. The basement is for place to store the antique stuffs that will be sold or used in the current projects. The ground floor is the gallery, some foreigners come daily. And the first floor is the studio room. With these departments I can learn things related to interior design simultaneously. I learn how to change the idea into drawing in Studio Dept., I learn to change the drawing into reality with Procurement Dept., and I learn how to sell the idea in Gallery Dept.
How about the people? They’re very nice and so welcoming. They answer what I asked, teach me what I didn’t know, and didn’t judge me for my limited capacity in some areas. The majority is Balinese but there’re also Javanese and Sumbanese, this way I learn how to live in diversity.
I work daily full time Monday-Saturday, 8-5 exception for Saturday 9-1, and not every holiday is a day off. I’m toootally fine with that. After so long, I think I need a routines. This week, I slept and wake up earlier than these past couple months, and I think that will make my life get better in some ways.
There’s also office intrigue and drama, high tension when Ibu suddenly come and look my job from behind, gossip on the basement at lunch hour, spooky stories about the antique stuffs, et cetera. So far, I enjoy it all. Wish me can keep up a good work, learn many things in a short time, and get adapted well. Have a nice weekend everyone. Have a nice Saturday working, myself..

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