End of May

Today is the last of May, also my last day working on the current office. I wore the same shirt as I wore on the first day to reminisce the moment. I didn’t expect anything special will be happen, although I know a farewell has never became an easy thing to do.
So, today I accompanied my boss went to a meeting with client in the morning, then on the afternoon we had a site visit. On my last day, I didn’t even work on the office. On the morning meeting, we stared at 2 kinds of stones almost 10-15 minutes, just to decided which one is better for the pool. And I found that I really enjoy that thing, even if I didn’t say a thing.
On the way back from site, we stopped and ate on a Indian Restaurant. To make it clear, it located across my new office. And she told me that I could have a lunch there later. I’m moved when I heard that statement. :”
On that place, we talked about many things and I told her that I’m actually still confused with what I want to do with my life. I love this interior design field so much, but then I completely blank about what I really want to do with that passion. And she told me this:

“When you design something, just think that you will deliver your own baby. Just follow the process and at one point you will feel the climax. When you’ve already passed that phase you will surely understand what you’re really want.”

I’ll grab those motivation and start a life with a new spirit. Please remind me if I forget. I hope I can found my real eagerness on the right time.
At the end, she drove me back home, then we said goodbye. What she has done today made it harder to say goodbye. :” I hope she could find a new staff with a real passion and eagerness as soon as possible. And I do hope we can cross our path again someday.
And to be honest, I’m sad at this moment. Any kind of farewell is never easy, isn’t it? And I’ve never been good at it.
Tomorrow, Saturday June 1st 2013, I’ll start my new job. Actually, it supposed to be on the next Monday. But, I asked to reschedule and make it advance on Saturday. I think that will be great because I won’t buried on sadness in this weekend.
That’s my life report on this end of May. For addition, I’m missing home right now. I’ve just called my father and my mother and I realize that actually I’m missing them. I hope everything goes smother and I become stronger. I hope you’re doing great as well. Hope you have a nice weekend. Adieu.

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