Date A Guy Who Graduated from Architecture School

Date a guy who graduated from architecture school. Since he knows well about space, he will widen the distance if you need your space alone, and he will make it close when you need him. He knows very well that everybody need personal space, he will not interfere your privacy.
Since he adore Gaudi, he will understand your weirdest dream, your oddest need. He will not judge you, but he will help you to find out what you really want. He will facilitate your dream and this reality meet up in one point. At another point, he will understand your silence and detachment because he learn it well from Ando.
He spent many days without sleep to make a building become real. He change a space into a place to actualize people’s dream. He will easily know how to work hard to make you happy. He usually face a huge presentation after lack of sleep, that’s why he understand that act is supposed to be done before words. He will not give you an empty promise.
Date a guy who graduated from architecture school. He can do a lot of things in a very short time, I mean A LOT. Your time with him will full of story, because he know how to manage it well. Don’t worry, he also always know how to differentiate time for work and time for leisure.
You can talk to him about anything. Politic, sport, health, education, culture, name it. He learn to create the space to make all that things happen, no wonder he will know more or less about it. He will gladly listen to your story, because he believe he can develop a better place if he understand more about people behavior.
You will date to many unexpected places you’ve never imagined before. A day to the museum, a day to the planetarium, another day to the traditional market. While you’re wandering together he will tell you about how they became they are and left you alone appreciate a simple thing actually have a deeper meaning.
Don’t be his problem, be his issue, that way he will continue curious about you. He’s a problem solver, he can easily deal with it. But issue, he needs time to be friend with it, to know it roots, then turn it into favorable parts. Always be the issue.

Date a guy who graduated from architecture school. Because you deserve it, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to see your dream become real. Or even better, date an architect.

inspired by Date A Girl Who Reads and Date A Guy Who Reads.

Karin suggest me to watch this video after she read this post.. I hit like button right away.. Haha

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