Don’t Start Forever Too Soon

“Don’t start forever too soon, it’s long enough to be started later”, I tried to say it as casual as possible right after you told me you’re gonna marry this month.
I almost choked by a piece of Koko Crunch when you suddenly came with that blue news. Well, not the same shades of blue of course. Because it’s joyful turquoise for you, but dreadful cerulean for me. Kocrunch brown plastic bag that had nothing to do with the blueism crumpled in my hand.
I spaced out when you told me about how did you get close to her, where did you meet her, blah blah. I wished I could be deaf for a moment, but even if I could not hear anything, your eyes would speak the same anyway. It felt like your face turned into a transparent aquarium and she’s the only goldfish lives inside it. How devastating.
“Well theoretically, it would not last as long as the stuff in your hand”, you answered.
I tried to grasp my sanity, what did he just say? My hand? Does he want to hold my hand or something?
“Sorry, what did you say?”, I cleared my foggy mind.
“It would live longer than us”, you pointed out to Kocrunch packaging.
“Oh yeah. Right. Anything would last longer than us”, I looked at the innocent victim in my hand.
“Anything like this, I mean”, I ensured and smiled.

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