“Do you know what’s so interesting about life?”, asked Tu when Ai was still busy taking picture of her aglaonema.
“Hmm let’s say, because it contains of sooo many colors”, Ai answered quickly knowing her aglaonema just revive from dead. “Just take a look at these burst of shades green and pink that collide perfectly as if they knew from the start what to do in life to be called pretty.”
Tu felt some tingly things on his stomach every time she’s talking with that light on her eyes, then he said lightly, “It’s interesting because we know at some point we will be dead.”
“Ah, can you just stop being so sarcastic”, she made her typical pouty face, put down her camera then turned her face to him.
“Hey, it’s not a sarcasm at all. But as you see, your aglaonema’s apparent death gives you an urgency to think that her life is matter and meaningful, right? Don’t you think that’s just the same as how we treat our death?”
A familiar comfortable silence past and he continued, “We’re in a hurry for things because we know we only have a short period unpredictable time before that one fin(e) day await us all. We feel an urge to do something to leave a legacy, to make us outstanding, just because we have the same unspeakable fear that we will all end up to be the same dust.”
“Can you imagine a life without death?”, he added.
She reached his hand, smirked, and blinked comically, “That’s exactly like me without you”.

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