Gulmarg, April 2019

One day they will really make time machine works. Apart from its advantages in science aspects, it will also enrich leisure sectors and turn it into a whole new experience. Simultaneously our conversation about travelling will expand from just-places into places-and-times. Won’t it be soo amazing, mesmerising, wonderful?
One day you will ask me casually about my next travel plan. And I will answer excitedly, “Gulmarg, April 2019”.
“But why?”, you’ll respond in a hurry.
“To find love”, I will say.
“There’s nothing in Gulmarg, I was born there, right at that time. Trust me”, as usual you just still can’t stand my over-dramatic answer.
I will giggle and simply reply, “Isn’t that make it more obvious?”.
One day we will stick to a time machine just like a glue.
But I can safely assume, it will still leave you with no clue.

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