Behind The Scene

Behind the scene:
I was sitting at the edge of a cliff. Probably the best spot to see sunset. Then a guy called me “Hello.. Hello..” (Hello from the other side?)
Caution: this is not a romantic story
I turned my face from the sea, I looked at him and found out that he didn’t speak Indonesian nor English. He spoke his heart out with his body language, which is ok for certain cases. The problem is..
He waved his hand away, shoo shoo, signaling me to move away hahaha
Realizing he brought his team complete with the groom and the bride to had prewedding shoot, I moved and sat in another spot.
Moral story:
– Be prepared to be asked to move from the spot you think you have. We own nothing in this life after all.
– Don’t get too attached to something, be flexible.
– Get ready for second, third plan. Don’t be too rigid, life’s full of surprise, being too rigid will only hurt you.
– Don’t take things personally. Sometimes it’s not about you at all. Like at all..
Veil and sunset are perfect combination. I was happy taking this picture and that’s enough.

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