Lalaland is So Pathetic

In this very tiny part of the universe, all vivid colors died and only pastel colors survived, therefore people bleed in turquoise and tears crystalized into lilac.
Children will be very happy to catch a cold since sneeze transform into a cloud which contains peach raindrops that will going up above.
This city will never have any waterfall, it’s only waterup, and that’s not even the best part because when stumbling down people are falling up, means flying!
Hence toodler tied by tiny rope so they won’t get lost before they can control things, because firstly they need to know that flying means they cannot run appropriately, even if it’s fun.
The best part is people will not fall in love, as falling is not a part of this city, people won’t easily get hurt.
Oh well, in this fluffiest city, the only dead cause is boredom. And that’s the one they can manage, so that they can be immortal.
Lalaland is so pathetic, it’s suffocating.
It’s so bright yet it’s so obscure.

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