Coffee vs Beer

This election stuff is getting more bizarre day by day. As the oddest thing, I don’t see any candidate has pretty much real fans, instead of haters of the opponent who gather to be one and called themself the candidate’s supporter. And instead of focus on positive traits, they prefer to blow up negative one. (oh well it’s not the whole country but most people I see, so any of you could be the exception)
I was thinking about an analogy to make the story sounds easier.
Let’s say, the citizen of this country have to pick only one beverage to drink for 5 years long. There are 2 options: coffee or beer.
The A team hates coffee, but then they don’t like beer that much. Because they know coffee impacts sleeping habit, they rushly choose beer. I am afraid they will blame this beer if 5 years later they get chirrocis.
The B team knows very well that beer contains bunch of calories. And because they’re very care with their body weight, without a long consideration they took coffee as their choice. I am afraid they will blame this coffee if 5 years later they go crazy because lack of sleep.
2 risky groups which dominate this country population, risk the future for something they hate. I never see it before, how hatred can change groups of people into something they’re (actually or maybe) not. And that’s funny in my opinion, how hatred could produces so much antusiasm.
To complete the whole story, there are still 2 groups left.
The C teams cannot accept both coffee or beer. They decided to be white and free. I hope in these 5 years, they can produce their own beverage and won’t dying thirsty.
The D team called themself swing voters. Contains of 15% of this whole country population. They know that coffee could leads to insomnia and beer could higher the chirrosis risk, but then they choose to pick the best they can overcome. I hope they will not blame anything since they know no one should be blame, now or 5 years later.
Is anybody telling you about advantages of coffee or beer? Umm, I guess no, since negative still be the favorite one. So, you have to find it yourself. Goodluck.
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