I Miss You Like Hell

Missing you is emptier than wake up alone at 3 am,
staring blankly at the ceiling and feel nothing but nothingness
It’s more painful than menstrual cramp,
even worse than vomiting stomach acid due to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
It might be like opening a door and come out on the Pacific Ocean,
resemble floating on the unknown more than 227 days, without any direction
Missing you is hungrier than starve on fasting day
Uglier than the ugly duckling on Hans Christian Andersen’s story
More tedious than waiting for the bus for 1,5 hours
Colder than rainy night at July 15th
More horrifying than Indonesian mystical myth
Bitter than Quinine Sulphate
More obnoxious than the Most Annoying People On The Internet
Drearier than Edgar Allan Poe’s stories
More hurtful than being left out alone on the street by people you know
If heaven is really exist, it must be in the deep of your eyes
Because you know what, missing you is very much like hell
and I’m exhausted.

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