Male Protagonist in KDrama and Patriarchy

Asia, not to mention this whole world in general, is one of the continent which has a strong patriarchy concept in daily life. Since we’re a kid, they told us a story about Adam, which is a man, was created as the first human, followed by Eve, which is woman, who has to obey all of Adam’s rules. Later on, we will learn that a father is the head of a family, the back bone to support the life financially and usually work outside, and a mother who is role domestically at home. The next thing a little kid can learn is a girl can easily cry anytime she wants, and a boy supposed to hold his tears since he was a boy. Have you heard anything similar? That sounds so unfair for me. Crying is human right, no matter what your sex is.
Nah, since at the very young age, society told us things that create this strong patriarchy concept in our mind, I think it’s natural if we grow up to fill up the role. Men will act tougher; think deeper about the future, make a good career path, how to build the family, and so on. And women will unconsciously believe that the best man will pick her up and bring her up in the next level of life, someday, so she will wait for him beautifully. It’s not how the whole society act actually, it’s just a generalization based on my own observation.
To fulfill the market demands as I describe above, entertainment industry (in this case is KDrama industry) create the story line which mostly put the male protagonist as a hero to take the female lead from zero in the beginning of the movie to be heroine in the end. But then, gradually KDrama industry being greedier and becoming unrealistic to spell all the hopeless audience. I will explain what I mean.
1. Full House (2004)
Male protagonist is a well known actor in Korea named Lee Young Jae meets Han Ji Eun, a clumsy, naive, not really brilliant writer. After series of coincidental luck, Ji Eun becomes a famous writer and married to Young Jae.
2. Princess Hours (2006)
Lee Shin, a crown prince of imaginary Korean Monarchy meets an optimistic girl named Shin Chae Kyung which comes from full of debt family. After series of a very good luck, they end up together happily.
3. Boys Over Flower (2009)
A super wealthy and good looking boy Gu Jun Pyo meets a poor yet full spirited girl Geum Jan Di. After series of megatons of luck they belong to each other in the end.
4. You Who Came from Another Star (2013)
As if a famous actor, a prince, or a super wealthy boy is not enough, KDrama industry create an alien who is able to teleport, live almost like forever, can easily heal himself, have a super power energy, and ability to stop the time, not to mention super smart as well, named Doo Min Joon whom meets a beautiful model with not really beautiful attitude, not to mention not that smart at all, named Cheon Song Yi. After series of bad lucks vs all of alien’s ability, they end up together for certain amount of time and so on.
As I mention above, gradually KDrama become greedier and greedier. In a point of view, they create a very nice story line, brand new series of nowadays Cinderella, so that they’re increasing attention of international market too. But in the other hand, it produces not really good food for people heart (and mind), which is mostly women. It creates delusional perspective that woman at a certain point will meet handsome and/or brilliant and/or super wealthy and/or alien to fulfill her needs. And it creates another burden for man, that he has to be someone like that before meet the right girl. That’s completely fine if you want to think like that actually, but then we have to realize that live is not always happen like a Cinderella story, isn’t it?
Sooo, to balancing perspective from those very patriarchal movie, I will suggest some movies that has quite balance character for both male and female.
1. Reply 1997 (2012)
It’s about a boy named Yoon Yoon Jae and a girl named Sung Si Won that being friend since childhood. They belongs to normal family, so the setting and story line is quite normal compare with 4 previous dramas I told you above. After high school they’re separated for 6 years, and make their own career path then meet up again after.
2. A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)
An architect named Kim Do Jin meets high school teacher Seo Yi Soo. They meet at their late 30s – early 40s, so they have their own life already, and try to find the way to be together.
As a conclusion, it’s better to set up our own life with or without any partner yet. Learn as many skills as possible so that we don’t have to depend on someone else for so long. Saving so we don’t have to depend or wait for someone else money. Watching KDrama happily, but don’t be fallen into it’s trap that far. Haha. This way, I think life will be much more easier, because hope and hard work are walking hand in hand.

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