Learning from Green Tea

It’s hard to differ good or bad tea if you put sugar in it. So does people. Bitter time will make you know them better. (@adrianadhin April 17th, 2014)
Lately, I drink much more green tea than before. And I drink it plain, without any sugar. For me, green tea has bitter taste than black tea, so I believe it healthier too (as if bitter means healthy). And you know what, after drink a bitter beverage I feel that my life is sweeter in a certain way. Haha. That’s why I love to drink it regularly during hard day, to start a day, or anytime I need.
After hundred of cups of plain tea, it feels strange to drink tea with sugar. The sweetness sadly kills the original favor of tea leaves, and the whole cup of tea become a waste since it’s full of untruthfulness. Hahaha, that’s maybe exaggerated, but that’s what I feel from my perspective.
Still learning from the tea, I used it as metaphor to understand people. I got to know people better during the hard time. Many people will easily stick with you during your glory, but it will not much left in the other story. During the last month I found some people that really stick with me no matter what and give me more concern than I can give to my own self, and I am so grateful for that. For real, you can find the best person on earth when you’re at your lowest point. So even that was a bad time, it still contains bright side in it.
As the original tea is healthier than the sweeter one, bitter life experience also makes you stronger than the happy one. Remember the best quality wood comes from tree which can survive the extreme weather. So at this point, I learn so much from a cup of bitter green tea and I hope you’re doing well. Bye.

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