Long Vacation

M : Did you see the movie called “The Graduate”?

      The bride runs away with a man on the day of her wedding.
      It’s dramatic for the person who ran away, but I wonder how the other person felt.
S : There’s no spotlight on the supporting role.
     The camera don’t even go after the supporting role. What rigid rules.
M : The movie?
S : No, life.
M : When will it be my turn?
      What am I doing? I played pachinko all day.
S : Why don’t you think of it this way? It’s a long vacation.
M : Long vacation?
S : There’s no reason to rush.
     There are times when no matter what you do, it doesn’t work out.
     No matter what you do, it’s no good.
     At times like that, it may sound strange but..
     why don’t you think of it as a vacation from God?
     Don’t force yourself. Don’t rush. Don’t try harder.
     Just let everything to take its natural course.
M : Then?
S : Things will improve.
M : Really?
S : Probably.
M : Probably…

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