Improvement After A Year

Today is the first anniversary for me work in Bali. And I realize that I’ve got many things, in this case means improvement since the first time I came here.
– Thanks for the second office (because we have Bali natives who speak Balinese language daily here), now I can at least understand some basic Balinese words, plus I’ve got the information about some Balinese culture and tradition. Actually to learn about another culture and people behind it, is one of the reason I came this far, so I’m quite satisfied for this state.
– For design aspect, no doubt that I learn so much things after a year. How a project goes, how to deal with the client and other parties in a project, how is the design process in reality, how to get the stuffs done, the technical aspect, et cetera..
*It’s funny because a year ago I can’t even make a plot with AutoCad, and today I teach someone about AutoCad basic stuff. I’m still a beginner though in this field, but I’m improved for sure.*
– A year ago, I didn’t really like my room, I continuously asked why the wall painted creme, why the ceiling looked so sucks even if it’s so normal, and what the hell with the wall when there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve got a very bad insomnia for nights. Now, I know those were just my body and brain respond to anxiety and discomfort. Today, I can sleep anytime I want, and I’m really fine with my nest even if it’s so simple place. I’ve overcome the anxiety and grown.
– I’ve made some new friends and that should be thankful. Compare with the last year, I came here alone and just be friend with the wall.. Hahaha..
– I think my stress level also decrease if it’s compare with the stress level while I was at Senior High School or University. Previously, when I got stress easily I got sick also. Here, when I got stress, I can easily go to any beach, throw all the bad feelings, and feel better later. It’s so much healthier I think.. 🙂
– Bali is such a good place for practice English daily, and that’s make me forced to learn and adapted quickly. I mean we can easily meet a tourist asks for the direction, meet a friend and his/her foreigner spouse, got a client or office colleague who’s coming from abroad, those are the source to learn..
– The most important thing for now is that I can learn how to communicate with multicultural people at a time. Multicultural background usually impacts to multi point of view, multi way of thinking, et cetera, that’s why it requires a special skill to maintain a good two-way-communication within multicultural people. I know I’m still lack in it, so although sometimes I’ve gone mad when I’ve got a problem related with communication stuff, I’m quite grateful because I know I’ve got a chance to learn, to bend but not break, to be more flexible. I know that will be important skill for the future.
*Now we’ve got Balinese, Javanese, Sumbanese, Sundanese, and European in our office. And somehow that’s so fun because the diversity creates the chance to develop a conversation to various directions. And that’s true, it’s make us richer in experience, knowledge, and point of view as well..*
That’s the recap for this whole year, it sounds too short, doesn’t it? But believe me, a year far from home always gives an extra bonus for life improvement, especially in psychical development.
And at the end, it’s not merely about interior design or architectural things, but mostly about life.

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