people comes, people goes, and life has to go on

Too many things happen today and all the things include less and more my personal feeling. Along the day I can maintain to stay calm in the grey area, but then when time to be alone comes, all the feelings overwhelm.
Today, I receive a package from a friend and I just suddenly reminisce all the things that had happened. So, she stayed in Bali on the last January-February. Back then, I was still my previous office without a friend, so when she came I felt like I’d met a rescuer from the loneliness. We’d spent almost all weekends together and talk many things about this absurd life. I always feel that she come to Bali on the very right timing, and beyond my expectation about my life back then, I can learn many things from her, I can move on to a happier state, and moreover I’m glad I can know her personally.
Since last week, I know today will be the last day for her stay in Bali. She worked here on March-July. And as the previous person, I also spent almost all weekends with her. She usually stayed at me and my roommate place on the weekends. We’ve went to many places in Bali together, that’s why many places would easily reminisce something about her. And goodbye it’s never easy. But, I’ve got a feeling that I will meet her again someday -in term working colleague or weekend buddies-, that made me able to sent her with a light feeling.
This news came so suddenly. Today, he still working with me in the office. He stayed in the same boarding house with me, so for almost two weeks since I moved to this place I walked home with him from the office. This afternoon, he told me to go home first, I don’t know what he was doing there. But then, in the evening he sent me a message and said that he will resign and back home on the next Sunday. Goodbye it’s never easy, especially when it’s happen to person whom you’ve met every single day, even if just for two weeks. I still cannot understand what’s really happen. But anything it is, I hope it’s just the best way. 
A friend from senior high school sent me a message that she will move to Bali soon. I’m just happy to hear that. Back then, on the first year I stayed on the same unit with her. Behind our unit, there was a water tank tower that has approximately two stories height. We’d climbed the tower and sat on the top of it, waiting for the sunset, and talked about life. I usually forget many things, but this memory just stayed in a corner of my head for a very long time. And this time, she will come here, to Bali. Maybe a series of many good things have already waited to made. 
People comes, people goes, and I’m still here (although moved here and there), and life has to go on, forward. Spend a little time to remember all the good things behind can be a very good reflection to move ahead. But a highlight note is don’t be too long to look back. Memory has a very strong stream, if I’m not swimming forward faster, I will be drowned easily. So, have a nice weekend people, have happier life, and lets swim forward with a light feeling.

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