Live Report of This Funniest Weekend

Tonight is the reception of my boss wedding. Yesterday was the traditional ceremony and I didn’t come. So I might attend tonight event. I think that way.
I plan to go with my roomate. But suddenly she have another plan with her coworkers. It sounds fun so I didn’t push her to accompany me. That’s fine with me.
But then, I don’t know whom I supposed to ask to go with. I tried to contact 3 seniors in my high school that live here, but all of them seemed already have another plan. That’s obviously. How come you ask someone to go out at Saturday night on Saturday afternoon? Babo.
Another targets are: a woman whom I met on movie festival, a woman whom I met on a bus, or an ojeg driver I’m familiar with. Haha.. I consulted it with a friend via whatsapp and she said a big no to contact them. Again, no one.. Haha
The next story. I had a meeting plan with someone who give me freelance job. At pizza hut, 11 am. I had already been there at 10.50s something. 5 minutes to 11, he called and cancelled the meeting. I’d already order the food that I didn’t really want to eat. What I supposed to do? I laughed.. Haha.. My life is so funny..
The next hilarious thing, I went to a department store looked for something. Right after I touched the building, my bag’s shoulder handle broken. My bag freely fell with my laptop in it.. Haha..
To supported the feeling, in the background there’s Creep for the soundtrack.. For real, it’s happen. A band inside the store played it really well.
I am a creep. I am a weirdo. I wish I was special.
That’s all for today live report. Tonight I will definitely go with a bubble friend. Have a hilarious weekend everyone..
Epilog (written on May 22nd, 2013)
That day end up happily, I came to the wedding alone, rode the motorcycle, and wore black dress. Haha. Fortunately I met a senior on junior high school that coincidentally a friend of the bride. So, I joined him and his friends all night long. The end of the day was fine, except the motorcycle fell on me, twice. It left bruises on my left leg. But still, I’m survive.
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