Mount Batur Climbing

In October 2012 with all of a sudden plan, me and five friends went to Mount Batur to saw the sunrise from the top of mountain.
Sunrise around 6 AM, still on the way to the summit
My friend sent me an sms at 1 PM, asked me to joined them. Around 1 hour later I said okay. I came back from office at 6 PM, on the way back I stopped by in a supermarket to bought the necessity to mount climbing, such as flashlight, rain coat, etc. I touched my rent room at 7 PM, then packing and got ready at 8 PM. I meet my friend at 9 PM. Meet the other around 10-11 PM. At 12 AM we departed from Denpasar. We arrived at the foot of the mountain around 2 AM. Have a slept until 3.30 AM, then started the climbing. We got to the top around 06.30 AM because we got lost at the start.
Is it an edelweiss?
What should be prepared before climb Mount Batur?
  • food stock for couple hours (actually there’s a stall near the top of the mountain. but the seller charged 10k rupiah for indomie and 5k rupiah for hot tea.)
  • drinking water (to prevent dehydration when you climb)
  • flashlight (to see the path before the sun rise)
  • rain coat (just in case it’s raining. umbrella is a big no in mountain.)
  • camera (if you want to capture the scenery)
  • small carrier or another heavy duty bag (don’t bring any fancy bag)
  • jacket (it’s a little bit cold before the sun rise)
  • change clothes (just in case the clothes that you wear got dirty or wet)
  • all-terrain shoes (actually I use slipper at that time, the slipper is durable enough to climb this mount, but it can’t cover you feet from the rocks, sand, thorny plants, etc..)
  • photocopy of your ID (it will be checked in a post at the foot of the mountain near parking area)
  • entrance fee 10k rupiah (you will pay in the same post as I said before)
Why we got lost at the start?
We decided not hire any guide. So, we asked for the direction at the climber post (as I said before). The guard showed us the main path to the mountain and said if you find a crossroad just turn right, if you find the next crossroad just turn right, and so on just turn right. We obeyed his direction, then an hour later we realized that we went away from the mountain and got lost.
Later, I know from a Balinese friend that Balinese usually hard to distinguish right and left, because they usually understand the direction by north, east, south, and west. I think the guard mistaken the right for the left.
Another side of heaven
Asphalt Group 3C
When we got lost, we decided to find the main road rather than trapped in the unknown shrub. When we found the main road, there’re many trucks passed by. So, we stopped one and asked for the direction again. The truck driver answer made us laughed hard (later). He said if we find a path with asphalt group 3c, we should just follow that path. At that moment (until this time actually) I don’t know what is asphalt group 3c looked like. Anyway, we found the the right path by guessing.

A house with the best view
It’s better to use the shoes

If you’re a nature lover and want to try a mountain climb. You should try to climb Mount Batur. It’s “only” 1717 meters and no need to stay the night to reach the top. It also has a beautiful view at sunrise and natural thermal baths at the foot of the mountain.

Have a nice day and have a safe mountain climb people.

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