Sunrise at Sindu Beach

Yesterday I saw my first sunrise (this year) on Sindu Beach. Because lately it’s so hard to get up early so the solution is not sleep at all. I stayed the night at a friend’s place in Denpasar and we left at 5am. It’s only take few minutes from Denpasar to Sanur. When we got there, the sky still totally dark. Few minutes later, this is what I saw.

At the phase one (around 05.30 am) I tried to do doing nothing things and activated my five senses. I saw the sky color changed gradually, it’s like God is drawing the sky slowly with color pencils. And the sea? It’s so calm and I didn’t see any waves at all, it’s looked more likely a super giant pool.
I can still heard the waves, but it’s sounds like it came from so far away place, so long time ago, sometimes I even thought that it’s only in my mind.
I can barely feel the wind too, it’s only the fresh air on my skin. But I can smelled it, the ocean scent. And I can tasted it, the sea. It’s not as salty as the sea in my mind. It’s more like a plain soup. A plentiful plain soup in a super giant pot.
Phase two (around 6am) has the same state as the phase one. Except, I can heard many birds twitted harmoniously. It’s like they sang a song for the sun rise faster. I also heard gamelan orchestra that brought from far away place, it sounds like a music for God and it became more magical to be heard at that moment.
And I belief that I saw the sky with so many colors at that time (that can’t captured in this photo). I saw orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo. It’s seems like a super giant rainbow fulfilled the sky. I considered myself as a lucky person because I can saw that.
All the times we believe that the sky is blue. But at some points it can be yellow, even green. It think it’s same with life. If there’s a time we believe our life is monochromatic, it’s the perfect time to find another place, or moment, or new stranger, or point of view, anything to make us realize and see the green above the blue. The sky is colorful everyday, it’s us who choose to sleep, just believe that the sky is only blue.
At phase three (around 06.30am) people started to coming. I thought it’s so unfortunately for them because they skipped that magical moment. But not all of them wanted to see the magical things, most of them came to running, bathing in the sea, and photographing. Some people came to cleaning the beach, arranging the couch along the coast, and starting the business. And I moved to take some souvenirs for you.
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A Birthday Gift?
Green above the blue
Take a chance to see the sunrise. It’s our choice to sleep and forever believe the sky is only blue, or wake up and see the greenish too. Have a good day, people.

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