Barcelona Chair (in movies)

Iconic chair is a term to describe a furniture (in this case is chair) that made by a well known architect, interior designer, or furniture maker that claimed internationally. For example, below are some iconic chairs: George Nelson’s Marshmallow Sofa, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair, Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair, Verner Panton’s Panton Chair, Le Corbusier’s Chair, and Charles and Ray Eames’s Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. If you regularly check architecture or interior website, you will easily find them in those interior photographs.
Some Iconic Chairs –Source
In this post, I will specially discuss about Barcelona Chair. Why? Because it appears in many movies. Include Personal Taste, a Korean Drama Series. Seriously, my point of view about iconic chair is changed 180 degree since I watch it in Korean Movie, I mean it really ICONIC because it’s not an European or American stuff only.
You can read the history about Barcelona Chair in link above. And why it became so well known not only because it made by a famous architect, but also because its timeless design. Just like Taecyeon said in his rap part on Reebok Classic’s SongIt’s timeless just like plastic, it’ll never changed cause it’s classic. 🙂
It made at 1929, but it still fits with recent interior design, it fits with many types of room, and it fits many countries which have different styles. It timeless, it classic, so no doubt it called iconic. Below, it appears in movies.
White in Extremely Loud and Incredibly CloseSource
Okay, to be honest I haven’t watched the movie yet and I got the information from the internet. I should watch it soon to see the chair myself.
Brown Coffee in Role ModelsSource
I got it from the same website as above, While writing this, I learn that there’re many interesting interior websites that I should explore more..
White in TRONSource
It’s 1982 movie! The Barcelona Chair is seen on the rear left side, unfortunately I haven’t installed photoshop yet so I cannot edit the picture to clear it up. There’re also seen Eames Lounge Chair still on the left side, and Achille Castiglioni’s Arco Lamp near it.
White in Down with LoveSource
I have watched the movie, but I don’t realize about the chair.. -_____- ” Should I watch it again?
Brown Coffee in Casino RoyaleSource
Black in Comédie de l’innocenceSource
France Movie. 2000.
Black Ottoman in American PsychoSource
Brown Coffee in Cullen’s House –Source
Repost from the source website. The Cullen’s House also has Castioglioni’s Arco Lamp, Charles Eames’s LCM Chair, George Nelson’s The Eye Wall Clock, and Le Coubusier’s LC10 Glass Table. A dialogue in my mind –> Q: Isn’t it too much, Cullen? A: It will never be too much iconic stuffs in a house of iconic character. Q: Okay -___- “
Black in In BrugesSource
Creme in Layer CakeSource
Black in Yes ManSource
White in Iron Man 2Source
Creme in The Good WifeSource
White in Old BoySource
Korean Movie. 2003.
White in Silent HillSource
Black Ottoman in Dr. House Source
White in A Star is BornSource
An 1954 movie.
Black in 500 days of SummerSource
I’ve watched this movie three times, and haven’t realize once that Tom sit on this chair. 😦
Last but not least, movie that make me realize about how iconic an iconic chair is..
Black in Personal TasteSource
From information on internet, there are two others movies that show Barcelona Chair in it: The Art of War III and Mr.Brooks. But, I haven’t found any captured picture yet. There’s also a movie about the chair titled Design Classic: The Barcelona Chair. It is a documentary movie, made in 1987. Here’s the link to watch it –> Barcelona Movie.

Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Action. This iconic chair even fits all genres. So in the end, do you interested to have an iconic chair too?

4 thoughts on “Barcelona Chair (in movies)

  1. Barcelona Chair

    Great information shared here about Barcelona chair designs used in movies. I recently saw these chairs in Iron man and twilight moon. These are really great royal design of German architecture Mies Van der Rohe. Go ahead with such type of useful stuff.



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