23rd (A Birthday Note)

Today is my birthday. If you read my previous post, you should understand that I’m not expecting anything will happen this day. I’m ready for it.
Thanks God there’s thing called technology. If Phillip Wang and his friends said Technology Ruins Romance, I will say that Technology Brighten Up My Birthday. There’re a lot of friends across the sea congratulate me, even Jobstreet.com, even livejournal.com, even google post this picture in its site when I open it. It say “Selamat Ultah, Adriana” when I move my cursor above it. Very cute. :3

And it rains all day long. Since last night when I went to sleep, until morning. It stop when my time to go to the office came. And it rain again at the time I back and touch my room. I’m so happy to realize that. 🙂 Can I still complain about no real human congratulate me directly? I guess no. I passed a birthday without anyone remember it was my birthday before, so today is totally fine. That’s why I should give thanks to something called technology.
A friend sent me a short message and asked, “You have a birthday in Bali, what do you do?”. I answered, “It’s raining outside, I’m alone, in my rental room, watching Korean show, like I always do in the other days.” 
So, today I learn that Birthday actually just same with any other days. I questioned in my head why people should celebrate it annually? Since when we’re doing that thing?
People usually use Birthday as a stepping stone to make a resolution. Just like a New Year. But I think if I really want to make a resolution to my life I can do it anytime. On first of the month. On Monday, first of the week. Or tomorrow when I open my eyes after sleep. Or even now.
Birthday is just the same day with the other days. What’s making it special? What’s making us marked it as an important date? What’s making us sad if what’s really happen under our expectation? What’s started this complicated thing? The answer is our habit.
We make a habit to celebrate something. To make our life brighter. But then, we got hurt when people didn’t celebrate as much as we expect. Lets just be practical. We make a habit to make our life happier, if it didn’t work like that, lets just change the habit. So, I take this day is just the same day like the other days, and I’m quite happy with it.
By the way, it’s already 12.16 am, 31st January. The rain has already stop since 12.11 am. This is all my Birthday note. I hope it will helpful somehow in future. Thanks God, I’m here, today. Happy Birthday, me. 🙂

P.S. So love this day because it’s 130130 ❤

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