So, I’ll take a friend’s advice to write a story about the journey. That way, this life will be much worthy. Below, I’m not trying to complain anything. I’m trying to figure out what happen with my life these couple months, and what I’m heading to.
Since October, I started to work in a new interior design bureau in Bali. I wrote about that in previous posts. The things that I haven’t told you yet is the problems. Okay, let’s start. The problems are:
  1. It’s a new bureau, the owner is a 28th years old woman with 1 less-than-two-years boy and 1 newly born baby. Usually she works with freelancers, but since I applied to her bureau and she took me as her new staff, there’s only me who work with her. Oh ya, her brother also work in the office. He is twenty something with a 23rd years old girlfriend, and they’re engaged. Naturally, I will not have any friend beside them in the office.
  2. I can understand, to work and also to raise a baby at the same time is not an easy thing to do. But I’ve never expected that she will come to the office infrequently. Even her brother so, because he is a civil graduate, he has many things to do in site. So, here am I, almost everyday, alone, in the three stories office.
  3. My life goes around the office and my rental room. And yes, some places to eat. So, where do you think I can get a (permanent) friend? I’ve tried to talk to food sellers, to random strangers, to neighbors around, but still the chat never gone far.
  4. On the second month, I almost crazy with this circumstances. I passed two straight weeks without have a ‘chat’ with any real human. I ate alone with the wall in front of me if I’m not lucky, or a street with its people to analyzed when I’m lucky enough. I passed 4 straight day off without any friend. I had insomnia. And still, no one to talk.
  5. I wish I have a lot of things to do. A lot of things that push me to stay the night to complete it. A lot of things that will occupy my mind so I will not think about any unimportant things. A lot of things that push all my ability and passion out. A lot of things that will make me exhausted but happy. But, I search it in a wrong place. After discussion with a friend, I realize that life goes slow here. Everybody takes everything slowly. Even in an architect bureau.
Those are the last year problems. I’m happy I took a holiday to back home last month and took a short escape to meet friends two weeks ago. To meet them really clear my mind and make me become more positive. I’m not that sad anymore for being alone. I take my life slow as well, I’ll just pretend I’m having a very long vacation here. I’m proud I’m able to get into this state and can overcome those bad feelings. I believe this is why I’m here. To overcome something. To learn. To improve my ability to survive.
Thanks God, I’m here, today. 🙂

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