Last night, I read Amy Tan’s book titled A Kitchen God’s Wife. On some first chapters the setting was in America, the main actor was a native from China, but she became the permanent resident in America for decades. Later, she told her daughter about how she migrated to the west, and how is her life back then in China before and during World War II. All the stories that she kept as a secret for years.
I will not tell you about the whole story or details. One thing that I can learn from that book is how to be grateful for a life I live today. How to be grateful that I have not to feel the terrible condition when air force’s planes with bombs fly above my head. How to be grateful that I haven’t run for miles just to find a safe place to survive. How to be grateful that I’m not being afraid all the time, anxious that I will see my relatives back alive or not.
I learn that all the silence I feel in a day is such a gift. All the foods that I can eat slowly and peacefully are presents. And the bed where I can sleep tightly at night is a blessing.
The comparison of my life now and their life at that time makes me think that I shouldn’t complain for small stuffs. Because just right now, in other parts of this same earth, there’re many people that still fight beneath that condition. Before, I read about Gaza situation in online newspaper, I don’t know who is right or wrong. *in some conditions we can’t just separate right or wrong into boxes, right?* I don’t know whether they really need a war to solve the problem or not. But I do believe, they need to give peace a chance. While I don’t even know how the concrete way to do that.
Anyway let’s start to complain less. Let’s fight a battle too. This one is a peaceful one, so it should be easier, it doesn’t contain bombs, bullets, or bloods. Let’s fight a battle with ourselves, and once we get tired let’s remember all the people that should fight the real hard battle, instead of us.

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