Let’s Get Lost and Meet A Stranger

It happened yesterday.
The day before yesterday, the electricity in my area went out, I came back from office early because I can do nothing. Unfortunately, the same thing happened in my rent room too. So, I slept because I felt so tired. (The day before, I attended Bali Hash House Harrier for the first time. Because I didn’t get much information about that activity, I wore polo shirt, blue jeans, and converse. And you know what happen? We should run through rice fields, rivers, bumpy roads, and it’s friends. The other members use t-shirts, shorts, and running shoes. I was totally wore the wrong outfit and the worst thing is I didn’t bring any change. My blue jeans soaked because inevitably I should got in to the river, converse is too slippery to be used on the mud so I often got slipped, and I should wore all that wet and dirty outfit until I got home at 10 pm.) So, I used that electricity-went-out-event as a nice opportunity to sleep. I woke up at night, but it still powerless, so I slept again until the next morning. Hahaha. If it can be summed up, I was slept for almost 18 hours. -_____- ” Once I woke up, I thought that I should take a revenge for those wasted time. I should wander around, and get lost.
The Story
(Central Parkir – Batu Bulan – Sukawati)
From Central Parkir Kuta, I took Sarbagita to the last stop, Batu Bulan. Actually I wanted to go to Sukawati, to get lost in the middle of the market, in the middle of people. So, I asked for the public transport  to go there. The driver asked me to pay Rp 10.000,00 so we can immediately departed without wait another passenger. (It was a little expensive actually, because Sukawati is not that far from Batu Bulan), but because the terminal civilian (preman in Indonesian) forced me to do that, otherwise he asked me to waited outside the vehicle, so I agreed. The driver quite nice actually, he dropped me off right in front off the market (obviously -____- “) and told me the place where to wait once I want to go back.
I didn’t plan to buy anything, so when all the seller asked me what I looked for, I just said “I’m sorry, I’m just looking around.” Because it’s not a peak season, the sellers give a nice price. For example, once I seemed interested with a slipper, she said “Rp 45.000”, while I turned round and started to go away she immediately said “Just Rp 25.000, okay?”. Without bargained. Haha. If I planned to shop that day, maybe I can buy many things in cheaper price. Unfortunately, I was not.
The longest one is 8k. Two others each 5k. 🙂
I bought unimportant things anyway. Hairpin, with cheap price. I thought it can motivate me to grow my hair to pass shoulder-length just like back then.
Sukawati – Karangasem
After looked around for almost one hour, I decided to come back to Batu Bulan then looked for another interesting place. While I was on my way to cross the street, a public transportation passed by and stopped, I ask where’s the last stop, the driver said Karangasem. I didn’t even know where and how far it is, but immediately I jumped inside, and when people asked me where am I heading, I answered “Karangasem”.
The journey was so delightful, we passed rice fields (I think recently is a harvest season, because the paddy field seems yellowish), beaches, winding roads, villages, etc. All different views from Kuta, Denpasar, or Sanur. And all of those was mesmerizing. Unconsciously, 2 hours passed, it was near Karangasem already, and people asked me again, where am I going down. Too confused, I just pointed a random direction and said “There” haha. When a woman stopped on a traffic light, I followed her and went down, I should paid Rp 20.000 for that long journey. (I think it’s worth it after all).
Before I walked away to nowhere, the driver called me and asked “Where do you want to go?”, I can’t just said “There” randomly again because actually I walked to the same direction with that vehicle. Haha. So I said honestly “I don’t know”. The driver asked me to jumped on again, I obeyed, and sat in front. He asked me many questions, and I told him I just wander around without any certain direction. He said at that time, it’s difficult to find any public transportation to come back to Denpasar or even Batu Bulan. (It was 4-5 pm)
So, I went with him until he dropped off all the passengers and sent a package to an address. He offered me to stay the night in Karangasem, he knew some cheap inns, but I didn’t bring much money (I didn’t plan anything, okay? T.T), then he offered to stay in his aunt house, but I refused it because it will be so burdensome.
Then he drove to the nearest terminal, and we found no public transportation. He bought me a drink in that place. (The fact that I paid him 20k and he bought me drink for 6k makes me feel guilty T.T) Then I said, I would find a ride to go back. He drove me to a gas station and stopped there. I started to ask for a ride, while he still waited just in case I didn’t find any, he would help me to find any place to stay the night. :”)
The good thing about looking for a ride in gas station, people usually still in a low speed so you can stop them easily. After few refusal because they didn’t go that far, I found a man who drove alone, fortunately he would go to Ubung and didn’t mind to give me a ride, so I said thank you and goodbye to previous nice stranger.
84,7 km
Karangasem – Tohpati
This next stranger is a driver, that day he should pick up his boss in Ubung. He is a native from Karangasem. I got many information from him. 🙂 I should write it all, because I believe it will be useful in the next time.
1. Items that become Karangasem’s identity are snake-fruit and Mount Agung’s sand. On the way, you can easily meet many trucks that transport sand from Karangasem to many cities in Bali or even Java.
2. Because Mount Agung located in Karangasem, all of mountain climbers should travel through that road also.
3. Karangasem has many beaches, one of them is Candidasa Beach (Balinese spell it Candidase). It means ten temples. Because across the beach, there’s a hill, we can see the ten temples one by one while we climb up the hill. The temples open for tourism, but we should wear a proper clothes, and it’s prohibited for women in menstrual time. (Should go there someday. Anyone?)
4. The next beach that we passed is Goa Lawah Beach. Across the beach, it’s located a quite big temple called Pura Goa Lawah. It doesn’t belong to Karangasem Regency anymore, but Klungkung Regency.
5. We passed an area called Manggis. He said maybe in the past, this area produced good mangosteen, but nowadays it doesn’t like that anymore.
6. Padang Bai. This is a harbor to Lombok. If we want to travel there, we should pay 25k each person, 100k for a motorcycle, 800k for a car, and higher price for truck.
7. We passed through a new road, the one that not passed the city and go along the edge of Bali island so we can see many beaches or roads to those beaches. Purnama Beach, Siyut Beach, Masceti Beach, Pabean Beach, Ketewel Beach, all still many beaches that I didn’t remember.
Finally, we reached Denpasar. He dropped me off in Tohpati, I said thank you so much, and up until the end I didn’t asked his name and vice versa.
So much in love with this journey, because it contains every beautiful sceneries, from hill to beach, from highway to winding road, from sun still up above to sunset. 
And I found something to learn, it’s better to keep your name and contact from your stranger. That’s way the story end up perfectly. 🙂

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