How to Recharge Yourself

Let’s get lost. How to do it:

1. sit on a terminal/any stopping place for public vehicle
2. get in on the first public vehicle you saw/passing by
3. ask where’s the last stop
4. when people ask, say you want to go to the last stop (anywhere it is)
5. forget everything, enjoy your ride
6. see and feel as much as you can
7. don’t touch your handphone and don’t use your mp3 player
8. listen to anything around you
9. talk to random strangers
10. when you arrive to the last stop, get back to number 1
11. if it’s already late, find a way home, hitchhike if there’s no public transportation anymore
12. talk with people who’s giving you a lift
13. ask about interesting stuffs about the place where you get lost
14. arrive at home
15. enjoy the therapeutic effects of getting lost and be grateful
16. you’ve already recharged 😀

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