A (Nice) Stranger

The story began with nothing-to-do day plus the one and only proper bag to work which damaged. It was one week ago, I decided to go to the nearest market, because I thought that I can find anything in market, include a tailor. I rode a public transportation and sat beside a middle-aged man. At first, he asked where I want to go, so I explained everything about my bag. Then, he offered to accompany me to someone he know, not a tailor but a bag and purse maker. Fortunately, he wanted to go to that direction too. So, I agreed.
I followed him to an alley near Supernova. The bag maker post located approximately 100 meters from main road, it was not too big, and there was three people inside. That man, introduced me as his relative then he asked them to repair my bag. He asked me to go outside and waited in a kiosk near that bag maker post.
While waited, we chatted about general stuffs, he introduced himself as Pak Mulyo. He asked for my phone number just in case in future I want to go to somewhere but I don’t know where it is, I can ask an information from him. His occupation is perfume seller, he’s lived in Bali for almost 20 years, so he know almost every places, roads, and shortcut alleys.
This man was so kind, up until I found there’re many ants in my tea glass, I tried to shooed it, then he helped me while tried to touch my hand. I got an alert to be careful. After that, he told me that he has helped a woman like me too. That woman got lost, asked for his help, later she told him that she didn’t have any money to comeback to Java, and asked to stay with him. He got panic, but still took that woman to his place to stayed the night. He said fortunately his wife was not at home. (How can he said it’s a fortunate to have a random woman in his place, instead of his wife? T.T)
The story goes. Actually, it’s not a house, but a rent room. So, it only has one room. He asked the woman to slept on bed and he slept on floor. Late at night, the woman woke up then undress, she told him she want to repay his kindness. He got shock, then he said that’s not a good thing and asked her to dress up again. Finally in the next day, he took her to Ubung Terminal, negotiated with some friends, so that woman can back to Java without pay any money. That’s a nice things to do to a random stranger anyway. But, I got so scared because of his story. I didn’t know what’s the point he told me all those details.
Some minutes later, I checked to the bag maker post and found that my bag was back right. I asked how much I should pay for that. Then, Pak Mulyo chatted something with them, and asked me to payed 5000 rupiah only. I gave that amount then said thank you. Outside, he told me that usually they charge 20.000 for repair something, because he said I was his relative they gave a lower price. That was a nice thing anyway. 🙂
Before we’re split direction, he said don’t hesitate to contact him if I need a help or if I want to back home but don’t have any money, because he has a lot of friends in Ubung, so he can negotiate that thing for me. I said thank you so much for that nice offer and said goodbye.
The day after, he called me, just to asked where am I, and what am I doing. He gave me an information without I ask that he was alone in his house. (and so? T.T) Two days after, a unknown number sent me a text and asked have I already married or not. Somehow I assumed it from him. T.T And some days after, he tried to call me again, but I’ve never picked up, because I’m so afraid with him. I apologize Pak Mulyo, that was a nice thing to help me, said I was your relative, but all your behaviors after that just overrated. Thank you and goodbye, have a good life. Be careful people, a nice stranger maybe has an ulterior motive too. 

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