Some Nice Strangers (part 2) and other stories

After write down the last post I remember the other all alone journey and how I meet some other God’s angels. So, here’s the story.
Before I got the job here, I applied to some interior design bureaus. Some means hundreds, literally. As I said before, I’m not the one who plan and expect anything, I send my application abroad and domestic too. The first call is from interior design bureau in Singapore. A new bureau, doesn’t have any website at that time, just the name and address, I also can’t find what design that they usually make. Haha. I’m too impulsive to apply via jobstreet and didn’t think about the risk.
So, they called and asked me to go to there to have an interview. Without any proper information about that bureau I just went there, all alone. It was on July 24th-25th, 2012.
To save the money, I choose the late flight. Went to the SHIA alone, no one accompanied me because I just told the matter to few people. I arrived there almost at night. I didn’t contact anyone there, didn’t booked any hostel, I just planned to sleep in airport. I’ve done that before too, but not all alone. I felt so sticky when I got there and feel some urge to take a shower. So I met the reception in arrival area.
1. Receptionist. She’s not really good, but she has the reason. When I ask about shower room, she just looked at me from head to toe. Unfortunately, I was so messed up. I wore a worn out grey jumper, dull black jeans, slippers, and brought two tote bags, they both looked untidy. Then she asked “Where are you going?”. I said “I’m just arrived”. Oh, I’m sorry the shower room is located in departure area, she said. And that’s all, no more proper explanation. I said thank you and just go. I should remind myself to wear something proper when I have to stay the night in airport, if I don’t want to be suspected as a homeless.
I dropped take a shower from to do list. The next thing I should do is contact my parents that I already got there. I used Telk*msel number, and just had 10.000 rupiahs left. I didn’t know the sms rate, and sent 3 sms directly to my dad, mom, and sis. After that I realize I didn’t have enough amount to reply their questions. It was okay, at least I’ve already said I got here safely. Forget about it, then I looked around, I went to the toilets, jump from one terminal to the other, enjoy the night view from the sky train. Then I met this person.
2. Jo.C. I didn’t know how to write her name. T.T She talked to me first, she asked me which terminal that has MRT station. Fortunately, I want to go there too. So, we walked together and talked some general topic, when she knew I don’t have any place to stay that night she’s a little bit shock, but I said I’m okay. Then she asked “Have you already contact your parents?” I told the empty number story, then she accompanied me to the nearest public telephone. I only have 0.9 cents coins, then she exchange that amounts with 2 dollars coins. :”) But well, the telephone didn’t work. She told me, we can purchase a new prepaid number in reception. We went there, but hell the new number cost 80 dollar. I said to her that’s over my budget and I’m okay if I didn’t contact them again. She offer me to use her phone number, but I think it just too bothersome, so I just said thank you. We exchange number and I told her she can left me and don’t worry. What a good stranger.. 🙂
I continued look around session, now in mission looked for prepaid number and mineral water. I bought a bottle before, but it have to be left in baggage check because it’s definitely liquid. And you definitely can bring that amount of liquid in cabin. Should remember that.. T.T
3. Still looked around, I found a mini market inside terminal 2 (as I remember). I searched for the cheapest mineral water, it was 0,4 cents. But when I paid it in the cashier, the price became 0,55 cents. Then I knew, I took the cold one, they charged 0,15 cents per bottle for a cold drink.. And they didn’t sell the prepaid number. And no one told me they charged for cold water..
4. Then the night really came, some shops started to closed, but there still some 24 hours shop. After went up then down circled around, I found a 24hr named Cheers. They sold the prepaid and can register it too. They offer me to recharge my old number, it cost 20 dollar. Then I ask, how much if I buy the new number? 15 dollar they said. Ya, obviously I choose the new one. They wondered why, then I said, it’s cheaper isn’t it? Hehe.. After registered my new number, they hand me a box of watch, and said this is the bonus for buy a new number. What? I’m so shock at that time, I never expected something like that, and it was just make me happy and feel lucky.. Thank you anyway, Cheers keeper.
Then I sat in bench across that shop. Some people already sleep on other bench. Some brought pillow, even the blanket. I felt so envy because I started to cold. Changi’s Air Conditioner are not friendly at all at night. I tried to slept hundred times but I can’t, maybe because the temperature, maybe nervous of tomorrow interview. So, I woke up, looked around again. Saw the airport condition in the middle of the night, see people who has the early flight queued in immigration, found some other people slept on restaurant chair that already close, found cleaning service who can’t even speak English, I also wished to met random artist, haha.. Then I felt so tired, and searched for another bench to sleep on. Still cannot sleep, suddenly it 6 am. I gave up to sleep and decided to take early MRT to the company area, actually it’s in west area, and airport in west, so it could take some times. 

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