Some Nice Strangers

It’s been a month and some days since I lived here in Kuta all alone and work in a new interior architect office. In this post, I will tell you about some random nice people that I’ve met. To meet them is just the luckiest thing can be happen for now.. 🙂
1. Pak Wayan. I came here by bus from my hometown. So the first place I arrived was Ubung Terminal. Because no one picked me up that day, I didn’t get any place to live too, I decided to go to Kuta by taxi, beside my baggage are so heavy. (I brought one 38 liter carrier, one huge backpack, and one tote bag. All seemed so big and full. Can you imagine how I carried all that stuff around?) Pak Wayan is the taxi driver. He was nice and tried to make conversation, he also offered me to stay at his place, he has rent rooms too. Unfortunately it located in Denpasar, so I said sorry to him, I can’t take it because it just too far from my office. Then he ask to exchange number just in case I need him to help me move or anything. I gave him my number, and he asked can he contact me if he need any tour guide that can spoke English, I said of course. End of story, he drove me to an acquaintance I’ve met one year ago when I had my internship in Kuta too. At that time I haven’t found my office building yet. The nicest thing is Pak Wayan called me the day after just to make sure if I found my office yet or not. What a lovely person.. :”) Hope you’re doing great, bapak..
2. Tante Lea. That was my first weekend in Bali. I want to do some random thing, it was Saturday and it’s actually a day off. After emailed something from office, I just took some random public transport which (at the end) I knew will end up in Ubung. I met her at that angkot (public transportation in Indonesia), she asked me about my background, why I was in Bali, etc. And I figured out that she went to Ubung to take the bus to Jakarta at 7pm, she lived in Bintaro. Then after some conversations, she said “I like you. Can I ask for your facebook contact? I’ll introduce you to my son. He is very quiet. It’s okay right? To make a new friend?” I said okay, then I write down my name and number on a piece of paper and gave it to her. She paid for the angkot. She even accompanied me until I found the next angkot, suggest me to go here and there, she said to angkot driver “Be careful, I entrusted my daughter to you.” Then when it’s time for me to go, she gave me a kiss in forehead. At that night she send me an sms said that she already in Gilimanuk, I said be careful, then we exchanged bless. It shock me one time again when I write it down now to realize that the meeting was just full of surprise and unexpected. Be bless, Tante Lea.. 🙂
3. Sanden. Every time I see his name I remember sarden (sardine in English) -_____- ” So, one week ago I decided to move in to a rent room that closer too my office, so I don’t have to rent a bike, don’t spend many times in the street, and don’t sweat that much when I get to the office. Hehe. I met him when I’m still hunting for the room. It was Saturday noon when I arrived at his rent-room house, I asked the owner is there still any empty room, but she said there isn’t. I search again to other random place in other street. I ride the bicycle at that time. Then suddenly, he came out of nowhere and called “Mbak, mbak, are you looking for a rent room?” I said yes, then he offered to take me to a rent room in Majapahit street near my office, because he knew from his friend there still an empty room. And I just trust him. So, we came back to his rent room, I left the bike there, then he give me a lift with his motorcycle. Unfortunately, the room was already full. He asked my number to give his rent-room owner number, just in case it still an empty room there. I gave him my number, took my bike, then go back. At night, he sent me some sms and asked me out, it was 10.30 pm. I said sorry, and told him I’m afraid of the dark.. *what a silly excuse, but still don’t ever go in the middle of the night with some random guy you’ve just met* End of story, the day after he told me that there still one empty room at his place, but I said it still to far. Maybe I’m just afraid with him and make an excuse again. After all, too help a stranger like me is still a nice thing to do. 🙂
4. Bapak-bapak who lived beside my room in old rent-room. The day I have to move out came, yea still because it will be bothersome if I ask anyone help in the morning (before my office time start), I decided to move out by taxi or maybe pick-up if I quite lucky to found it. Before I went down and took the bike, those bapak-bapak asked me then I told them I’m going to move out, blablabla. Then I left, in the middle of the street, again came out of nowhere, one of bapak (whom unfortunately I didn’t know his name) called me, “Mbak, mbak, you don’t need a pick-up to move your stuffs, I’ve look at your room, and I think I can help you move with this motorcycle. My office is close to your new place.” I said “Really?”. End of story, his friend give me and half the stuff a lift to my new rent room, after that, he came back to pick up my half stuff and his friend. They delivered the stuff while I waited in new place, then they just go to work. At first I want to give them thank you cash, but they didn’t even wait and just go. I just can said “Thank you, pak!” I hope their live will be blessed. Meet a good stranger like them is just a bless. :”)
People said, “God’s angel really exist, but they don’t have any wings.” Well then, I met some of them in this one month. For addition, I also met this one random person.. 🙂
5. Mbak Yati. That day was 2 days before I moved out. I feel a little melancholic to left that nice place. Then after office hours, I decided to explore around. I rode the bike until I found a fire dance in front of a restaurant. To take it for granted, I park the bike on the side of the street and sit on a public bench and enjoy the performance for free.. Haha.. Again, out of nowhere Mbak Yati came. She told me, that was her first day in Bali, a friend promised her to picked her up and gave her a job, but up until that time her friend cannot be contacted. She asked where’s my rent room, my job, then she asked can she stay with me, because to pay a room in hotel was just so expensive. I said sorry, I can’t offer her anything, I’m also a newbie here. I gave her my rent-room owner number. We also exchange number, just in case she needed me for anything or I found any job or any room for her. I hope she doing well now and not end up to be some foreigner’s ‘woman’. She mention it before, if she didn’t get the job she’ll just find a bule (Caucasian people in bahasa Indonesia). Whereas, she already have 3 children and husband in her hometown in East Java.

That’s the story. I keep exchange number with some random people. Meet a good stranger, challenged to be a good stranger. Now I understand the phrase, what we reap is what we sow. Be a good stranger today, and meet a good one tomorrow. Be blessed!

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